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Fee Disclosure (Schedule A)

Orchard is committed to honest and transparent pricing.  This document is specifically related to MyOrchard Merchant Acceptance Agreement and MyOrchard Point of Sale Equipment Agreement reference herein.


Date of contract(s)

The date of your contract with Orchard begins on the date you sign up for your Orchard Account.  Your contract will remain active until you stop using the Services and/or cancel your account or when Orchard terminates the Agreement.
Cancellation of contract(s) and any applicable penalties You may terminate this agreement at any time by closing your Orchard account, following the instructions on your Orchard Dashboard or by contacting customer service. We may terminate this agreement at any time and for any reason by providing notice to you in accordance with this agreement.


There are no penalties for termination; however, termination will not affect any provisions that give rise to limitations or an ongoing obligation such as fees owed for processed transactions or related chargebacks.


In the event of an account closer, Orchard is required to retain access to your business and bank account for up to 180 days, in the event of a customer dispute, chargeback or any identified fraud.

Complaint handling procedures
Information about payment terminal All terminal fees are listed below in the Fee Schedule


Effective date of Rental Agreement: This contract shall become effective when Merchant accepts Terms & Conditions during the application and on-boarding of the account.


Length of Rental term: 12 months

Renewal term: 1 month


Cancellation: During the initial or any renewal terms of the Agreement, the merchant may cancel the Rental Agreement without penalty, in the event of an increase in Orchard’s fees or charges (except when made in accordance with a pre-determined fee schedule) or the introduction of a new fee. Merchant must give written notice to Orchard within ninety (90) days following notice of a fee increase or the introduction of a new fee. To provide notice of non-renewal to Orchard, Merchant must give written notice of termination at least thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of the initial term or any extension of renewals thereof, in which case the Agreement will terminate at the end of the then-current term. Merchant agrees to contact Orchard for instructions regarding return of the Equipment and to promptly comply therewith. Merchant will be liable for late return fees for any rented Equipment (or purchased Equipment if Orchard has not received full payment) that is not returned to Orchard within thirty (30) days after the termination of this Agreement. In addition, you will be charged a retrieval fee if Orchard takes action to recover Equipment that you fail to return in accordance with the Agreement. Additional information can be found in the “Term and Termination” section of the Point of Sale Equipment Agreement.


Contactless payments acceptance Contactless payments have been enabled at the point of sale on the Orchard Terminal. Contactless payments are subject to the Card Issuer’s limits.
Transaction return policy Card acceptance fees will not be applied to transaction returns. When you do so, your customer will be refunded their full purchase amount, and you will be refunded the applicable interchange return fee.
Code of Conduct The Code of Conduct for the Credit and Debit Card Industry is available at the FCAC’s website here.
Statements Account Statements are available electronically, without charge, through the MyOrchard website or mobile application.
Card Payment Acceptance Fees
Each rate disclosed below is the sum of the network’s (Card Brand) interchange rate + network assessment fee + Orchard Cost + 0 per-transaction processing fees.  These are the most common types of domestically issued cards and their processing methods.  These do not represent all of the possible fees and variations that are charged.


Below are links to the respective published rates and fees charged by the card networks.  Each Card Network makes regular adjustments to various fees each year and Orchard will provide updated Network fees at least 90 days in advance of any published fee change.


Payment Cards & Methods
Payment card type
These are the most common types of domestically issued cards and their processing methods. They do not represent all the possible fees and variations that are charged to merchants.
Card present
Means that the card was electronically read (contact or contactless interface or mag-stripe)
Means that the card was not electronically read. Generally, the card information is manually key entered (e.g. phone, online, recurring payment)
American Express cards 1.72% 2.02%
American Express prepaid cards 1.72% 2.02%
Interac debit cards – ApplePay/GooglePay .60% .60% – $1.80 (Cap)
Interac debit cards – contactless $0.05 – $0.075 $0.12 – $0.80
MasterCard core cards 1.01% 2.05%
MasterCard corporate cards 2.09% 2.09%
MasterCard debit cards 0.34% + $.05 1.24%
MasterCard prepaid cards 1.53% 1.64%
MasterCard world cards 1.31% 2.28%
MasterCard world elite cards 1.64% 2.51%
Visa business cards 1.99% 2.09%
Visa business premium cards 2.19% 2.34%
Visa corporate cards 1.99% 2.09%
Visa purchasing cards 1.99% 2.09%
Visa debit cards 0.34% + $0.05 1.24%
Visa infinite cards 1.66% 1.54%
Visa infinite privilege cards 2.17% 2.49%
Visa prepaid cards 1.51% 1.61%
Visa standard credit cards 1.34% 1.49%


MyOrchard Fee Schedule

Other ACCEPT Fees
Monthly Fees Annual Fees (If applicable) $25.00 NONE
Bambora Gateway (If applicable) $25.00
Orchard Gateway (If applicable) $10.00  
One-Time Fees Per Occurrence (If applicable) Set-up Fee (If applicable) $99.00 Batch Fee $.10
Global Payments E-Commerce (If Applicable) $25.00 Authorize.Net Transaction Fee $.10
MasterCard Local Market Intelligence Set-up Fee Chargeback Fee $25.00
Non-Sufficient Funds Fee $35.00
Retrieval Fee $10.00
Bambora EFT Fee $1.50
Bambora Transaction Fee (Card) $.10
Orchard Gateway Transaction Fee $.10
Voice Authorization $5.00
 Address Verification Fee (AVS) $.025
EFT Reject Fee $35.00
Terminal Deployment Fee $20.00
Orchard SHOP (Website E-Commerce Store Builder)
Shop Basic (Up to 9 products) Monthly Free
Shop Base Monthly $15.00
Shop Plus Monthly $35.00
Shop Pro Monthly $99.00  
Orchard Terminals & Terminal Service Fees
MyOrchard Terminal Monthly Rental (PAX A920 Smart Terminal) $29.00 MyOrchard Pin Pad (Optional) PAX Q25 Pro – Purchase Only Option $299.00
MyOrchard Terminal Purchase (PAX A920 Smart Terminal) $649.00 PAX A920 Paper (2.25” x 60ft) 50 rolls
Available from:
MyOrchard Terminal Charging Dock (Optional) $99.00 Shipping and Handling Costs will Apply Pass-Thru
Restocking Fee (Returned or Canceled Orders) $30.00 Late Return Fee $25.00
Reshipment of Returns (+ shipping cost) $30.00 Retrieval Fee $100.00
Non-Warranty Repair Service $30.00 – $250.00 Re-encryption / recertification $25.00

*All above fees are in CAD

**Prices do not include tax and other material/service costs and outbound freight.

Orchard Technology, Inc. 


Mail: MyOrchard Customer Service 

Attention: Privacy Protection Officer 

Address: 1055 West Hastings Street, Suite 2130 

Vancouver BC, V6E2E9 


Effective Date: August 23, 2022